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Ra Medical Systems, Inc. Sues PhotoMedex, Inc. for Malicious Prosecution


Ra Medical Systems announced today that it filed a lawsuit against PhotoMedex, Inc. (Nasdaq: PHMD) on October 29, 2008 for malicious prosecution in the California Superior Court of San Diego County.

Ra Medical Systems, Inc., a medical laser company based in Carlsbad, CA, was subject to a lengthy legal action by PhotoMedex, Inc., a publicly traded company based in Pennsylvania with manufacturing facilities in Carlsbad. In a suit filed in Federal Court in 2004, PhotoMedex made several claims against Ra Medical and Mr. Dean Irwin, Ra Medical's founder and President, including false advertising. One year ago, the U.S. District Court ruled in favor of Ra Medical and Mr. Dean Irwin, and against PhotoMedex, on the merits of the case. The court ruled that Irwin was the inventor of PhotoMedex' laser system, and noted that the FDA had inspected Ra Medical's facility and that the inspection had been closed in 2006. Commenting on Ra Medical's suit against PhotoMedex, Dean Irwin said, "Ra Medical and I personally have been damaged by PhotoMedex's actions. We are now in a position to seek appropriate relief and remedy for PhotoMedex's malicious and improper conduct."

Ra Medical is represented by Dan Stanford of Stanford and Associates, 1494 Union Street, Suite 107, San Diego, CA, 92101. Tel: (619) 696-6160. Fax: (619) 531-0853. Ra Medical Systems, Inc., (760) 804-1648, Ra Medical Systems, Inc. manufactures and markets an advanced excimer laser system for medical treatments of skin diseases and disorders including psoriasis and vitiligo.

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Source: Ra Medical Systems, Inc